We’re Browns’ fans.  We’re all in this together.

And we deserve more.

In 1995, our team was relocated to Baltimore.  In 1999, we were awarded a new franchise.  It was unbelievable how quickly we were awarded another franchise (and unprecedented as well).  Unfortunately, we have never been able to rediscover the magic that we all felt when we watched our old team.  Due to questionable front office moves, a coaching carousel, and a never-ending supply of draft day busts, we find justifying to our children why we root from the Browns today.

Why Do the Browns Suck? was established as an outlet for our frustration.  We hope to have a little fun with this as well.  We’ll look at the Browns.  We’ll look at their opponents.  We’ll even game plan with them.  When they win, we celebrate.  When they lose, we vent.  But the most important thing to understand is that we need to understand the why’s and the how’s of our mistakes in order to get past them.


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