20 Years Ago Today…

Nobember 6, 1995.

That is the day that the Browns went away.  That is the day we became bitter.  That is when the tears started.

And the 20th anniversary is today.

We have a new team now.  We’ve had multiple quarterbacks, coaches, and even owners.  Yet, we still are seeking the Lombardi Trophy.  Will we ever see the Browns in the playoffs (let alone being crowned champions)?

It’s easy to be negative on the team and that’s not what this site is for.  WhydotheBrownsSUCK.com will look at the problems the organization faces and deal with it in a practical tone.  Of course, we’ll have some fun along the way.  When you’re a Browns’fan, you have to learn to laugh as the boat takes on water.  It’s the only way we get by, and the only way the team still has fans.

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I've been a rabid Browns' fan for my entire life. It makes me sad to explain to my boys that the Browns were once good. I also enjoy horror movies and write for the website www.scaretissue.com.

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