Weekly Preparations

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.

–Albert Einstein

One of the goals of Why Do the Browns SUCK? is to offer a positive spin to our favorite team’s inadequacies.  It’s easy to point out the mistakes they’ve made.  It’s difficult to identify realistic solutions to those problems.

MONDAYS-Mondays are for venting (and the occasional celebration).  We will break down that week’s game and grade how the Browns played.

TUESDAYS-Laughing is an important part of healing.  We won’t talk football but we’ll look at some of the funniest things that we stumble across.

WEDNESDAYS-What went wrong?  What can the Browns do to fix it?  What are the strengths that they need to build on?

THURSDAYS-We preview the Browns’ upcoming opponent and highlight anything particularly interesting about them.

FRIDAYS- Offensive Game Plan

SATURDAYS-Defensive Game Plan

SUNDAYS-If you like Rocky training montages, you’re going to love Sundays at WDTBS.  Tune in.  Live Tweet.  Enjoy life.

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I've been a rabid Browns' fan for my entire life. It makes me sad to explain to my boys that the Browns were once good. I also enjoy horror movies and write for the website www.scaretissue.com.

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