Why Do The Browns Suck? Here’s Your Answer

Johnny Manziel

Johnny ManzielLast week, Johnny Manziel was named the starting quarterback for the rest of the year. They were on a bye this week and they still managed to fuck up.

Johnny Manziel was out last week and apparently had a couple of drinks. As of today, Mike Pettine has demoted Manziel to the #3 QB on the team.

As far as I can tell from what I’ve read that’s all he did. Had a couple of drinks… on his off week.

But what did he do to “embarass” the organization? He went out and blew off some steam during this off week. Where’s the embarassment? From what I can tell, he didn’t drink and drive, he didn’t get into any altercation, etc.

Unless there’s something we’re not being told, Manziel isn’t the embarassment. At least no more than the front office, the coaching staff, ownership, defense, special teams and offensive line.

My friend Ed had this to say… and it sums up what this site is all about to perfection:

“I agree. Our starting QB wouldn’t start anywhere else in the league (maybe St. Louis) our #1 WR could start at slot for a few teams. Our RB’s wouldn’t make any other roster. OL Thomas (who got old fast) and Mack and probably Bitonio could play elsewhere. On Defense Haden and Gipson are it. At most we have 6 guys that could start somewhere other than Cleveland. That’s garbage. Our first round draft picks since 2012 have produced Weeden (garbage) Richardson (out of the league and Ryan Clark named him worst RB in NFL History) Mingo (Garbage) Gilbert (can’t get on the field) Manziel (worthless) Shelton (D is last in the NFL vs. the run) and Cam Irving (still early but going to be garbage). We are a disgrace from owner to 53 we are hands down the worst team in the league.”

And that my friends… is why the Browns suck.

Don’t believe me? Check out this piece on ESPN. They lay it out pretty clearly as well.

Browns to start Josh McCown over Johnny Manziel at quarterback

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